Dear Parents and Players


I would like to formally welcome you to the beginning of the 2018 Winter Season.


I would like to take this opportunity to explain the trial process with the intention of clarifying why the Club’s processes occur as they do.


The aim of the trial process is to assess players to ensure that they are selected in the appropriate grades. This will ensure Club success and individual player development.


When registering, players were asked to nominate two preferred positions. The Club aims to ensure that all players are given the opportunity to exhibit their current skills and abilities in these positions. The Club understands that there are a number of players that have the ability to play more than just two positions. The Club cannot guarantee that players will be able to showcase their skills in these positions, as:

  • Court time in a third position would take away an opportunity for players to play in their first or second preferred position; and
  • The Club deems two positions a sufficient guide for the selectors to gauge player’s current capacity.

However, there may be opportunities for players to play in a non-nominated position. These situations would be in extenuating circumstances. For example, an age group having a limited number of players that have a preference for a certain position.  In these instances, players will not be ranked by selectors.


Trial schedules for each grade will be posted in the foyer of the Walford Gymnasium prior to each trial. It will be clear to players which quarters they are participating in, the position, and the team. This will also make it clear the amount of trial time that all players of the age group are receiving.


Whilst every endeavour is made to place all players on the court for the same amount of time, this isn’t always possible or practical. Players are being observed as a whole throughout the entire trial period, and no one day has any more importance than the other.


It should also be noted that the number of quarters that players are allocated is also directly related to the number of players that have selected the same positions. So while it may appear that other players are allocated more trial quarters, it may simply be because there are less players that have nominated those positions, in any specific grade.


The selection panel consider each player’s:

  • Current netball ability, court awareness and physical development;
  • Fitness and athleticism, where appropriate the Athlete Assessment;
  • Potential for development;
  • Commitment to netball and the Club;
  • Application and attitude;
  • Grade played in the previous winter and summer season (noting that summer grades are generally equivalent to about 3 levels lower than the winter competition);
  • If the player has been specifically recruited to the Club to fill a specific need;
  • If the player is new to the Club, their previous club, competition and grade; and
  • Non-Attendance at Games in the previous season where an acceptable reason was not provided.


Selectors may also seek advice from players’ previous coaches and/or myself.


Players may be selected in a lower grade than the previous season. This may be due to the introduction of new players to the Club of a superior skill level into that age group.


We understand that trials can place a significant amount of stress on players, and for some, the expectation to perform during selections can be overwhelming. It is very important to be aware that team placement offers are provisional and it is possible that player movement between grades may occur during the pre-season period.


If at any point you have any questions or concerns about this process, you must ensure you voice this with the relevant age group coordinator. At no point is a player or parent able to approach the selectors’ bench during trials.  If you are not satisfied with the feedback provided by the relevant age group coordinator, you are able to discuss your concerns with the Club’s Vice President, Rohan Davison-Bennett at


At this point in time, there are still a number of committee positions that remain vacant. If you would like to help support your Club, we would love to hear from you. Please see any of the current committee members for more information.

Yours Sincerely


Amy Willis

Coaching Director

South Adelaide Netball Club