Ashlee Elsayed Junior Coaching Director

Ashlee Elsayed appointed Junior Coaching Director

It is great pleasure that the South Adelaide Netball Club welcomes Ashlee Elsayed to the position of Junior Coaching Director.

Ashlee has been a great supporter of the club over many years, in the role of sponsor, coach and also the parent of players. Ashlee’s enthusiasm and dedication to watch help the coaches develop not only their skills but those of the players. Ashely spoke about the below in her application.

“I also have always been disappointed by studies showing numbers as high as 1 out of every 2 girls drop out of competitive sport by the age of 17. Competitive team sport can have such a positive impact on not only the physical health, but also the mental health of young people. As an adult coaching young people, I have always tried to strike the tone of having fun but also putting in hard work- acknowledging that girls will likely be more inclined to drop out after a season they have not enjoyed or a season that has been hugely unsuccessful on the court.

I look back fondly at the somewhat heyday of the old Woods Panthers & Blackwood District Netball clubs, in the mid 90’s through to early 00’s, where the club had many teams competing out at ETSA park, and where some of those teams had very successful seasons. It would be my aim as Coaching Director, to help rebuild the club by having high level coaches, who are constantly being supported with innovative ideas and an extra set of hands wherever needed. “

This is only a few of the changes that will be coming in the following months to our junior program, including building a strong and inclusive culture for all members.